WDC Capitol ImageThrough the work of the American Lighting Association-Political Action Committee (ALA-PAC), the ALA has become a strong advocate in Washington, D.C.

Your personal financial support of the ALA-PAC is vital:
– The ALA contributes to members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, who are responsive to issues challenging the lighting industry

– These elected officials, who are well-positioned in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, are our Champions

ALA-PAC is about access, it is not about politics:
– The ALA has a “seat at the table” for the numerous government affairs initiatives with which the lighting industry is engaged

– Access gives the ALA a voice and opens doors, whether it is during legislative proceedings or meetings with government agencies

Do your part:
– Member contributions are the key ingredient to the ALA’s ability to provide valuable input on policies and regulations

– Join the growing list of members helping fight for and protect the lighting industry and your business

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