The Political Action Committee (PAC)

2017 was an extremely successful year for the ALA-PAC, in terms of dollars raised and number of individual contributors. Thank you!

ALA’s Government Engagement Committee responsibly utilized the financial resources to achieve three very significant achievements that have a positive and direct impact on every facet of the lighting industry.

ALA Engages on Tax Reform, Defeats the Border Adjustment Tax. Before the end of 2017, Congress passed comprehensive tax reform. The final package included two reforms that ALA has been outspoken on for a number of years: amending the provisions for pass through entities and lowering the corporate tax rate. But the most important success of the new tax law is not for what it contains, but for what was left out.

The Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) was a proposal to levy a tax on every product imported into the U.S. Early in 2017, ALA set a priority to prevent any variation of the BAT from being included in the final tax package. ALA actively lobbied against the BAT during the annual Washington, D.C. Fly-in and on other trips to our nation’s capital. Initially, ALA got some pushback for our position, but the industry stood firm and joined with other like-minded groups in opposing the BAT. Eventually, the individuals supporting the BAT gave way to the insurmountable political pressure and took the BAT proposal off of the table and kept it out of the final bill.

ALA Accomplishes Legislative Victory for LEDS with Passage EPS Rule Fix. The second victory of 2017, was getting both chambers of Congress to finally pass legislation to codify the exclusion of light emitting diodes (LED) from the Department of Energy’s (DOE) external power supply (EPS) rule. Due to the verbiage of the statute LEDs were inadvertently included in the EPS rule. Not wanting to hinder the adoption of LEDs, DOE provided the industry with an exemption from compliance. DOE also instructed the industry to have the exclusion made permanent by asking Congress to action. After years of working the issue, Congress acted and President Trump signed the bill into law.

ALA Reaches the U.S. Supreme Court Striving for Sales Tax Fairness. Two-thirds of the way through 2017, ALA joined forces with seven other trade associations in sending an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the court to hear the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair – a court case challenging the requirement of a physical presence within a geographic area. The Supreme Court agreed to take up the case and proceedings are expected in the fall of 2018. As a result of the court’s decision to hear the case and the announced retirement of Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), political jockeying to find a legislative fix has moved into overdrive. Progress is happening on this issue be it judicially or legislatively.

Again, thank you for making those possible.

Turning the attention to 2018, we believe that it is not the goal but an obligation to build on 2017’s success. The committee members have set aggressive but attainable objectives for 2018.

In order to meet those objectives we are kicking off the spring fundraising campaign by asking for your personal contribution to ALA-PAC. Your contribution is valuable to the success of ALA’s efforts to engage the U.S. federal government on behalf of the industry.



Michael Estrin
ALA-PAC Committee

Clark Linstone
Government Engagement Committee

Michael Weems
ALA Vice President, Government Engagement


2018 ALA – PAC Committee

Michael Estrin CLMR
Estrin Sales Agency

Richard Alan CLMR
Owner & President
Richard Alan & Associates, LLC

Ray Angelo
President & CEO
Westinghouse Lighting

Bruce Bellwood
Tuthill Lighting, Inc.

Lars Bostrom CLMR
Bostrom Lighting Sales

Mitch Colker
Vice President
Alco Lighting Sales, Inc.

Sam Guye
Western Regional Sales Manager
Kichler Lighting

Clark Linstone
Pacific Coast Lighting, Inc.

Bob Warmbold CLC
Accent Lighting

Eric Wiedemer
VP & General Counsel
Hinkley Lighting

Bryon Woerner
Co Owner
M & B et al.


Chairman Michael Estrin would like to thank those individuals who contribute to the ALA-PAC. The generosity of the donors is vital to the success of the ALA in Washington, D.C.